Financial Information




NABC makes every effort to keep educational costs to students as low as possible. Student tuition and fees pay only a portion of the college’s operating expenses each year. Supporting districts, churches, and individuals subsidize the operating budget of the college. This represents a sizable investment in every student’s education. While the college depends largely on outside financial support, some educational costs must be met by students.


The NABC school year is comprised of two semesters. Per semester costs are as follows:

Tuition (12 credit hours and over) $1848.00

Tuition per credit hour-less than 12 hrs. 154.00

Audit fee per semester hour 40.00

Board 1,200.00

Room (Private—Limited Availability) 1,200.00

Room (Shared) 720.00

Registration fee 25.00

Lab Fee 20.00

Education & Technology Fee (Part-time students $35) 75.00

Key Deposit (per key) 5.00

Breakage Deposit * 25.00

Books (approximate) 250.00

Graduation fee 50.00

Transcript Request 5.00

* This fee is refundable if no damage is done.



On-Campus Student Off-Campus Student
Tuition & Fees $3,486.00 $3,821.00
Room & Board (shared) $3,840.00
Books $500 $500
TOTAL $8,186.00 * $4,321.00 *

* These costs are subject to change. Other costs such as off-campus housing, transportation, personal expenses, etc., are not included in these figures.




An adjustment will be made to the student’s account when the student withdraws from the college with the proper approval. The student must complete an Official Withdrawal Form, available at the Registrar’s Office, at the time he/she is leaving the college. Refunds are effective as of the date of the withdrawal form.

1. Room and board charges will be prorated from the date of registration to the date of withdrawal/vacating the dormitory.

2. Tuition refunds are based on the total tuition for the semester and will be refunded according to the following percentages:

1st and 2nd week of classes 100%

3rd week of classes 75%

4th week of classes 50%

5th week of classes 25%

After 5th week of classes No adjustments


Financial responsibility is important to a Christian’s Testimony. Each student is responsible to make adequate arrangements for this obligation. Any outstanding balance from previous semesters must be paid in full before a student will be allowed to return to classes. Any exception must be made by the Vice President for Business Affairs.

All school bills must be paid in full before students can receive official credit for work completed during the semester. Official transcript will not be issued until the school bill is paid in full.


Books, registration, and one third of tuition fees must be paid at the time of enrollment. On-campus students must pay fifty per cent of their room and board fees at the time of enrollment. The balance of all fees must be paid in three equal installments on the 20th of January, February, and March for the spring semester and September, October, and November for the fall semester. Summer sessions are to be paid in full at registration. The Vice-President for Business Affairs or the President must approve any other arrangements.


NABC is in the process of applying for Title IV funding at this time; a limited amount of other financial aid is available. Qualifying students may apply for Veterans Administration benefits and various scholarships. Applying for financial aid does not automatically guarantee assistance. A student desiring financial aid should submit an application in the semester prior to the one in which the assistance is needed. Application for financial aid should be made to the Business Affairs Office.

You may also find useful scholarship information at this Free Scholarship resource.


If a husband and wife both attend the college, the one with the greater number of credit hours will pay full tuition. The spouse will receive a 50% discount on tuition.


Individuals who qualify for veterans (VA) benefits should contact their local VA Office for more information and complete the application process required of all potential students. The VA representative at Native American Bible College will certify enrollment for those who are eligible for VA benefits. If a VA student is terminated from the college for any reason, notification is made to the Department of Veterans Affairs and the student’s VA benefits will be subsequently terminated.

The following Student Record Procedures policy will be applicable to persons enrolled under provisions of Title 38, US Code.

1. NABC keeps Records of Progress on all students, veteran and non-veteran alike.

2. Grade reports are furnished to all students at the end of each scheduled school term.

3. Student records for DVA students are maintained for a three-year period after completion of program.

The following refund policy will be applicable to persons enrolled under provisions of Title 38 US code. (The policy covers situations when the eligible person fails to enter the course, withdraws, or is discontinued at any time prior to completion.) NABC has and maintains the following policy for the refund of the unused portion of tuition, fees, and other charges:

The charges to the eligible person for tuition, fees, and other charges will not exceed the approximate pro rata portion of the tuition, fees, and other charges that the length of the completed portion of the course bears to the total length of the course.

In the event that Native American Bible College, for any reason, is unable to continue operation as an education entity, provision has been made with the Division of Archives and History of the State of North Carolina to assume control of all student’s academic, financial aid, and other critical records. The state Archives also would provide the services customarily rendered by a registrar for these records.


Eligible students may apply to the North Carolina Division of Vocational Rehabilitation Services for assistance.


Eligible students may apply to the Employment Security Commission of North Carolina which provides assistance for job retraining.


Three meals are provided daily as part of room and board to on-campus students. Meals are available for commuting students, guests, and faculty/staff by prior arrangement and for the posted per-meal fee.


The college does not assume responsibility to provide medical care in the case of either accident or illness even though the accident or illness may occur on campus or in the discharge of duties or activities pertaining to the college program.