On November 7, a delegation of Liberia Assemblies of God Bible College (LAGBC) alumni serving in various ministries in the UIMG_4558 croppedSA shared with NABC faculty, students, alumni, and a number of NABC board members what God has done in their lives and how through them He is continuing to bless others. It was an upliLiberia Delegation 2015 21Liberia Delegation 2015 32fting service as those present heard of God’s grace being extended far beyond our comprehension! In the adjacent photo the LAGBC alumni have just honored NABC faculty members Jim and Liisa Kelly by gowning them. Six of these alumni were students taught by the Kellys during their service in Liberia, West Africa; three were twenty-first century graduates of LAGBC. These latter three were taught by those whom the Kellys along with other missionaries had taught in the 1980s and early 1990 at LAGBC and who, while war refugees in other countries, went on to earn master’s degrees. When peace returned to Liberia, they returned home, LAGBC was reopened, and they began training the next generation of workers for the Lord’s harvest. Truly Jesus Christ is building His Church! All glory belongs to Him!