It’s been busy around the NABC campus this week with a dozen or so volunteers from Soul’s Harbor Church in London, KY. Soul’s Harbor has been providing labor and finances for projects on the campus for fourteen years, according to Pastor Ronnie Ball. This year, teams painted classrooms while others worked on landscaping and other projects. The church also financed roofing and vinyl siding work on the tabernacle porch as well as much needed new doors on the academic building.

Soul’s Harbor has blessed NABC with many projects over the years with one of the most recent being “London Bridge”, a walking bridge connecting the main campus with the men’s and women’s¬†dormitories.

The group from the church has been spending each evening working with a local Native American church doing mentoring, leadership training and youth ministry. Leading the team has been Pastor Ronnie Ball and Youth Pastor Brad Parrett, a recent graduate of NABC.